Surrounded By Chemicals
Surrounded By Chemicals

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Surrounded By Chemicals






Science Chemistry Materials


Description Chemicals are all around us. We can see, smell, taste, hear and touch them all the time. Chemicals are not just things that a chemist uses in a science laboratory. There are chemicals in the food you eat at lunch, the soap you use to wash your hands, and the fizzing bubbles you can hear when you open a can of lemonade. Turn the pages of this book to find out about chemicals, what they are and how they interact with each other to create the Universe we live in.

STEM stands for science, technology, engineering and mathematics, and it is not just for scientists. The existence of the whole Universe, including us and our daily lives, can all be described with the wonderful scientific facts that make up the topics included in STEM. In this series, you will find out how easy STEM is to understand, and also discover how you can see it in action every second of every day.

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