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REDeLEARN is a comprehensive learning suite written by Australian non-fiction authors and teachers. Specifically aligned to follow the Australian curriculum, accessible text within three modules caters for years K-2 (Phonetically Decodable), years 3-6 and an Advanced module for years 5-6+ readers.

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What is REDeLEARN?

Curriculum-linked learning hub for Australian primary schoolchildren

REDeBOOKS Integrates Seamlessly into REDeLEARN

The ultimate learning package! Offering amazing value, bundle REDeLEARN and REDeBOOKS into one annual subscription. The two platforms integrate seamlessly together offering students a wealth of engaging curriculum linked content.
Students can access content from each platform without having to change sites and login again. REDeBOOKS appear on related articles within REDeLEARN and can be opened with one click. Related REDeLEARN articles are availalbe throught the REDeBOOKS platform when browsing books.

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More About REDeLEARN

REDeLEARN 3-6 Covers all these subjects for Middle to Upper Primary.

REDeLEARN K-2 Subjects for Lower Primary - Featuring Phonetically Decodable text.

What is REDeLEARN?

REDeLEARN is an award-winning eLearning tool that aligns with the Australian Primary Curriculum. Learn from 12 subject areas then test knowledge with interactive quizzes, activities and downloadable worksheets. Engage your students with fast facts, photographic imagery, exciting videos and audio files.

Support a range of learning styles with levelled modules, high impact imagery and Text-to-Speech functionality throughout the platform.

Students can learn anytime, anywhere, with safe, up-to-date information and age appropriate content. Parents and teachers will love the kid-friendly, easy-to-use interface, that supports independent learning, helps develop critical thinking skills and fosters inquiry-based learning in a fun, interactive environment.


written by Australian authors and Aussie teachers

one login,
thousands of possibilities

encourage discovery, critical thinking & inquiry


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Features of REDeLEARN

Classroom Ready
  • Resource for inquiry-based learning
  • Can be used in class or at home
  • Aligned to Australian Curriculum topics
  • Visually appealing and easy-to-understand
Online Safety
  • REDeLEARN is safe, reliable and comprehensive in its range
  • REDeLEARN is a one-stop website that children can use without the risk of finding anything unwelcome
  • No external links
Professional Resources
  • Outcomes based content
  • Administration website for statistics on usage
  • Ability to disable content
  • Access to hundreds of printable activities and teacher resources

Digital Literacy and Research Features

While children often appear to be digitally competent, teachers understand that younger students’ research skills are still developing. Finding age-apropriate content online can be challenging and learning to recognise trustworthy sources of relevant information can be overwhelming to some students.

REDeLEARN makes digital learning fun and reliable, by allowing children to focus on learning specific topics in a safe, intuitive space without the complication or risk of open web-searching.

Each article is embedded with Speech-to-Text technology to support different learning styles and bolded words are linked to an article glossary where interested students can consolidate their understanding of new vocabulary. Each glossary entry is defined in the context of the current article to further deepen understanding without introducing new concepts.

Where Encyclopedic Learning Meets Interactive Fun

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